Monday, April 04, 2011

Down a flight

This is a similar perspective to the shot from the other week. Not too much change in the main plan, but having the waterproofing job out of the way is a pretty big step in the right direction. I have planks and step ladders laid out along under the eaves of my rounded roof where I am fitting lots of little pieces of copper around the rim. Perhaps you can just make out the change in color and contour at the far end. Again I just took a set of photos and dumped them into windows ICE and it rotated and stitched them all on its own. Nifty.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Top side

Borrowing the stairs next door to my job site to get a bit of perspective on the roof work. Something of a side track making a roof for the veranda above my extension project. The flashing work on the veranda was terrible, so I was going to just paint the floor after inserting a lead and cement sill, but in the end decided that the roof was a more permanent solution. I don't think the tile floor will need painting after all.
I chopped out a section of tile and concrete from the whole of the frontage and laid a series of lead flashing pieces in that with their rear ends raised to form a water stop. I made some stainless steel fittings to house the feet of the pillars for corrugated plastic roof and fixed them into the trench with the lead. Then I also laid in some mesh and lengths of rebar. After making a little shallow shuttering along the front I poured in some concrete and am now giving that time to cure. Water run off from the veranda now comes down over the lead flashing and will then pass on to my shingle roof once the shingles are on.