Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sign Board

With the characters for the sign underway I started on the actual board. Approximately 8x3 feet in size (2400x910mm). There are still a few practical matters to settle with affixing the unit to the roof, so the front of the panel is not yet glued in place to allow for any additional hardware to be inserted. All the internal framing is glued, as are the laminated bits for the frame. This whole thing will be clad in copper sheet and the lettering will float in front held by pins and spacers.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Next job

Working on a large lettering sign for a chemist shop. First job to glue up some sheets of plywood to saw out the letters from. A lot of clamps. The two curved battens are left over from a big arched door frame, clamps on either side apply pressure in the center of the work where the clamp jaws can't reach.

It took most of a day on the bandsaw to get the two board cut into the stacks of characters.

Then I routed the edges of the larger characters as an initial step toward final shaping.


One corner of the kitchen project. Working with the hot glue gun and a can of insect freezer. The mesh has 2mm squares and makes a good backing for plaster. The newspaper is stuffed in as a backing. Holes left at the bottom on both sides for sockets. The finished thing after plastering and painting below.